About us

  • The non-profit organization Society for Humanistic Photography (Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie – GfHF) promotes engaged auteur photography that focuses on socially relevant issues since its foundation in 2006. In solo and group exhibitions realized at f³ – freiraum für fotografie the GfHF presents the works of both renowned and emerging contemporary photographers. In addition, regular discussions with photographers, discussion events and workshops take place.

    f³ – freiraum für fotografie provides Berlin with a new location for photography that invites visitors to explore current issues relating to the medium. In today’s confusing flood of images and media, the exhibitions in f³ – freiraum für fotografie set important accents in terms of content and aesthetics and interfere in the public discussion of social issues. Accompanying educational and information programmes invite all visitors to delve deeper into the contents and provide well-founded background information.

  • Our Team

    Katharina Mouratidi

    Artistic and Managing Director

    Email: info@gfhf.eu

    Dimitra Kardasi

    Project Management

    Telefon: 030 60 40 77 48

    Email: kardasi@gfhf.eu

    Anne Vitten / Vertretung Elisabeth Wirth

    Project Assistance

    Telefon: 030 60 40 77 48

    Email: presse@gfhf.eu

    Nicole Wozniak

    Press and Public Relations

    Telefon: 030 60 40 77 57

    Email: wozniak@gfhf.eu

    Jenny Engler-Petzold

    Project manager XB-Lab and education and outreach programmes

    Email: petzold@gfhf.eu

    Allgemeine Anfragen

    Freelance Cooperator Fundraising

    Email: info@gfhf.eu

  • Spenden

    Our projects are getting bigger and more exciting. We need your financial support so that we can continue to grow. It enables us to promote and publish committed women photographers with a focus on social and societal issues. Your support will help more people in Germany to learn about all those grievances all over the world that are only marginally dealt with by the press and media.

    Ihre Spende ist selbstverständlich steuerlich absetzbar. Laut Bescheid des Finanzamtes für Körperschaften I, Berlin, vom 13. September 2013 ist die Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie e.V. als gemeinnütziger Verein anerkannt und berechtigt, Spendenquittungen auszustellen. Für Spenden unter 100,– Euro erkennt das Finanzamt Ihren Einzahlungs- oder Überweisungsbeleg in Kombination mit Ihrem Kontoauszug an. In allen anderen Fällen erhalten Sie von uns unaufgefordert und zeitnah eine Zuwendungsbescheinigung.

    GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
    IBAN: DE22 4306 0967 4015 08 98 00