With our project XB-Lab we are looking for Cultural Accomplices! How can art and culture be there for everyone? What do you expect from art and culture in your neighbourhood? Participate – Join in – Shape Culture Together!

  • FOTO-FÜHRUNG – Free Guided Tour

    Every first Sunday of the month we warmly invite you to our FOTO-FÜHRUNG  at f³ – freiraum für fotografie. We introduce you to the current exhibition, give you background information and share our anecdotes with you. You learn more about the biographies and working methods of the presented photographers and how the exhibition came about. Well-founded first-hand information gives you an insight into the curatorial concept and positions the photographs artistically and historically.

    Location: f³ – freiraum für fotografie, Waldemarstr. 17, 10179 Berlin, Germany.
    Date: Every first Sunday of the month, 11 am
    Free admission | More information here.


    The event FOTO-TALK: AUF DER COUCH offers background information on our current exhibitions. Four times a year, always on a Wednesday evening, guests from the field of politics, art and culture discuss current affairs and debate questions relating to the medium of photography.



    How did Kreuzberg look like in the 1970s and 1980s? How did initiatives, organisations and residents shape the identity and history of the neighbourhood? What differences and similarities are there today?

    Location: f– freiraum für fotografie, Waldemarstr. 17, 10179 Berlin

    Free Admission | Further information here.

    Recordings of the FOTO-TALKS: AUF DER COUCH are available on Soundcloud!


    in cooperation with Mädchenladen of loyal e. V.

    How do I make the perfect Selfie? How can I take good photos – whether with a mobile phone or a SLR camera? How do I edit photos on a mobile phone or computer?



    What do you think of art and culture in Kreuzberg? What do you miss? What do you like? What can we change together? We would like to find out in our mobile FOTO-STUDIO.


    Become a Cultural Accomplice!

    We invite people in Berlin Kreuzberg into our mobile FOTO-STUDIO and ask them to reveal their ideas, their utopias and their criticism of art and culture in Kreuzberg in a short interview. With these ideas, we would like to create cultural offers for all Kreuzbergers.

    With a portrait photography – taken with professional photographers and made visible in the district – we want to give these ideas and utopias a face. Like-minded people in the neighborhood can recognize each other and come together.

    We will be happy to answer your questions unter dimitra@gfhf.eu oder 030 60 40 77 18.


    On FOTO-HÖREN you can listen to the recordings of events at f³ – freiraum für fotografie. The journalist Margit Miosga (rbb-Kulturradio) and other presenters talk to guests from politics, art and culture offering background information about the current photo exhibition.

    FOTO-HÖREN about “The Illegal Image” with photographer OSTKREUZ Agentur der Fotografen Espen Eichhöfer in discussion with Felix Hoffmann, curator C/O Berlin.

    FOTO-HÖREN about “Climate Change” with climate activists Niklas Schinerl, Greenpeace, and Svenja Kannt, Fridays for Future.

    FOTO-HÖREN about “OST/WEST Berlin“ with photographer Nelly Rau-Häring.

    FOTO-HÖREN about “In [Un]Retirement” with publicist Barbara Sichtermann and sociology professor Simone Scherger.

    FOTO-HÖREN about “Are you already integrated, or are you still alive?” with Begzada Kilian and Ebru Taşdemir.

    The photographers Schmoo Theune and Susann Tischendorf presented to us sixteen people from various generations and with very different life stories. They used hybrid narrative forms, from photography, texts through to archive material. Through their lives they tried to answer what identity and homeland can be in our globalized world.

    Exhibition: 27 April – 6 June 2019
    Location: f³ – freiraum für fotografie, Waldemarstr. 17, 10179 Berlin
    Wed – Sun 1 – 7 pm

    Free admission | More information here.

  • XB-Lab Youtube Kanal

    On our Youtube Channel you can find recordings of our events in the context of the project XB-Lab – Kultur in Kreuzberg.


    Finally everyone should hear the funny story about your favourite photography? Do you have secret information about a photo that no one knows about, and would you like to tell it to us? You have written a song or a spoken word text for a photo that you want to present to an audience?


    In FOTO-JAM: OHREN AUF, HIER KOMMEN BILDER (FOTO-JAM: LISTEN UP TO THOSE PICTURES) we would like to learn more about your most beautiful, curious or complicated photos: Our guests have five minutes to inspire the audience. All aids are allowed – as long as they are entertaining! The evening will be moderated by Miriam Zlobinski.

    Want to see what is happening at FOTO-JAM? Have a look at the video!

    Location: f³ – freiraum für fotografie, Waldemarstr. 17, 10179 Berlin

    Free admission | More Information here.