Workshop mit Jugendlichen Fotografie

Foto © GfHF

Today’s media world would be inconceivable without images. But what messages do images send? And who is behind them? Photographs can make complex topics visible, but they can also quickly have a generalizing effect. During the project days, the young people will explore with international photographers what it means to consciously use photographs as communication media and to convey their own image messages.

The module is aimed at young people aged 12 and over and takes place in their institution of origin, e.g. school. The project days are practice-oriented and based on the examination of a selected thematic focus that the photographers bring with them from their own work. In one or two-day events, the young people gain an insight into photographic work and learn about different ways of communicating through images. They are sensitized to the structure, effect and analysis of photography and learn more about the use of photography for a sustainable and just world. As a result of the project days, the young people develop their own picture stories on a selected focus topic with technical support.

Duration: 360 minutes, 1 or 2 days each (including breaks).
Target groups: Young people aged 12 and over, secondary school I-II, youth groups
Costs: Participation is free of charge
Location: Institutions of origin, school or other institution.
Requirements: Internet, beamer or smartboard, terminal with camera function