(Online) Workshops in photography exhibitions

Bildungsprogramm zur Ausstellung "Bescheidene Helden" im Willy-Brandt-Haus am 14. März 2014

Foto © GfHF

Young people are confronted with images with contradictory messages in their everyday lives, especially when using social media such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. The workshops in photography exhibitions provide young people with assistance in looking critically at images and their genesis, instead of unreflectively believing the messages conveyed to be true and factually correct.

In this module, young people aged 14 and over visit a photo exhibition on socially relevant topics such as human rights, climate protection and aspects of globalization in a North-South context, either online or on site, together with speakers trained in media education. The workshops give young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in various complex topics and introduce them to diverse stories through the medium of photography. Through various exercises, participants are motivated to consider images in the context of their creation, reception and presentation. Together with the instructors, the young people develop background knowledge and options for action and learn new perspectives on international contexts and the medium of photography.

Duration: 90 or 180 minutes (incl. breaks)
Target groups: Young people from 14 years, secondary school I-II, youth groups
Costs: Participation is free of charge, admission to the exhibition if necessary
Location: digital or f³ – freiraum für fotografie
Requirements: Internet and Internet-enabled terminal (laptop/PC/tablet) with camera and microphone.

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